Unmissable, coverage & quality in direct advertising

Street Media Australia

Street Media scooter billboards provides advertisers with access to exclusive areas and events that other mediums cannot. As a result. Scooter advertising is perfect for city streets, crowded shopping strips, train stations and regions. It gives your potential customer a creative and interactive feel to direct marketing, ensuring your brand receives the exposure demanded from our service leading to a higher return of investment.

What’s makes us different is our interaction with potential clients, by having an interactive digital display we’re able to capture and engage your target audiences more effectively.

Why advertise with

Digital Billboards

We offer an environmental friendly alternative to print mediums. Our scooters are electric and our advertisement digital. There are no use of print and changes to your advertisement are dynamic.

Environmentally Friendly

Stand out from the crowd!

Direct. Efficient. Immediate.

Mobile advertising puts your message where your customers are. You choose exactly where your message goes, when, and for how long.

Using the right placement you’ll benefit from a large, but regular audience, who will see your message on a recurring basis.  With a targeted mobile advertising campaign, you can quickly promote your product and build brand recognition.