Sydney's First Digital Scooter Billboard Company

Street Media

Street Media has continued as the leaders in outdoor advertisement and digital marketing innovation by adapting to changes in the market trends for advertisers to reach their target audience. 

Mobile billboards and outdoor display advertisement have been our speciality for decades, combined with our digital team of creatives and marketers we’ve grown to bring you the most respected promotional advertising vendor within the industry.

Mobile scooter marketing has been an age-old marketing technique used for brand building and awareness. Street Media, Sydney is the first company to offer mobile scooter digital displays, allowing for unavoidable and targeted exposure. 

What’s makes us different is our interaction with potential clients, by having an interactive display were able to capture your target audiences more effectively anywhere, anytime. 

Pairing this to our Google Partner digital marketing team, we bring to you the best of online and offline brand building and exposure that Sydney has to offer under one powerhouse making your advertisement cost-effective and straightforward.

Why street media? When working with Street Media, you don’t just work with us, we essentially become apart of your toolkit, and your success and triumph are shared.