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Impact Statement

Outdoor advertisement has been known for its comprehensive impact statement, bringing advertisement direct to your target audience at any event, any location, anytime. Many customers choose to opt away from more traditional forms of media such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines as increasing numbers of potential clients are always on the go. 

Our solution is perfect for just that, to be on the move and be where your clients are.

With an increasing number of advertisers going digital Street Media has adopted the digital trend into traditional mobile billboard marketing to allow for cross-platform marketing by allowing brands to utilise their digital ads outdoors while maintaining its interactive applications allowing for ads to move and flow and not become weathered with age compared to its printed counterparts.

Benefits of

Digital Billboard Scooters


With digital billboard scooter advertisements, your advertisement remains with your targeted audience and cannot be switched off or blocked.


Your advertisement can manoeuvre to any location or event directly to your target market capturing shoppers, daily commuters, entertainment attendees and more.


Unlike traditional billboards, our digital advertisement is interactive and mobile providing dimensions to your advertisement, attracting, captivating and converting your audience to paying customers.


By exposing your target audience to a physical and digital medium, we are essentially creating brand awareness through repetition and re-marketing, creating a sense of trust.


When advertising, you remain in control of where and when your advertisements are shown, and at what location. As your target audience move, so do your campaigns.


Compared to traditional advertising such as radio and TV; our flexible options will make effective campaigns accessible to all advertisers.